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Case Study

Miele, a leading appliance manufacturer, faced challenges with multiple sales platforms and manual processes hindering customer experience and operational efficiency.

Miele partnered with Intygrate to develop a Miele Experience Centre Point of Sale (MEC POS) Solution. This involved:

  • Online portal: Enabling self-service options for customers, reducing waiting time and improving accuracy.
  • Tablet POS: Equipping consultants with tablets for improved customer service, streamlined transactions, and access to real-time information.

Improved customer experience

Faster self-service options, seamless transactions and empowered consultants offering better support.

Increased efficiency

Reduced unit costs, optimised resource allocation and minimised purchase friction.

Enhanced data accuracy

Real-time information access and elimination of manual data entry.

Brand consistency

Maintaining Miele's premium brand identity through user interface design and customer service.



Miele is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium, luxury home appliances for kitchens. The company has been around for nearly a century, delivering “Quality Ahead of its Time” by providing appliances that last. With time came an increased demand for digital, as well as the need for automation to support intense growth. This included identifying areas that could be developed and elevating customer experience to stay globally competitive.

Keeping pace with growth

The company recognised that its main challenge was having to use multiple platforms for different categories of products which decelerated the purchase process even in smaller transactions. As the digital era continued, customers anticipated a certain degree of comfort when it came to services, and it would become an increasingly important factor in ensuring their satisfaction. Miele needed to digitally transform to use its resources more effectively and better serve its customers.


Business Challenges

Unlocking the power of integrated sales systems

While Miele strived to provide the best customer experience, the existing system did not meet the premium experience the brand wanted to convey. This called for the need to connect the different sales platforms into a fully integrated system and Miele had to empower its team with the information they needed at their fingertips.

Human Touch vs. Scalability

Miele provides self-service, allowing customers to make part payments, schedule a delivery, or book a service visit. This was previously done through phone calls, which was a convenient method at the time. However, it did not come without its challenges. Having these phone-in services would mean a high volume of calls for the company. Various phone calls would have to be made for the different services, including changing or cancelling appointments. While forging great customer relationships, the human aspect of this situation would introduce inaccuracy due to the nature of phone calls.

Bridging the gap between experience and sales

The company also owns experience centres, where customers can explore Miele’s range of products and visualise what it would look like in their homes. Consultants are present around the venue to conduct product demonstrations and provide advice. Customers would then approach a consultant to notify them verbally of the appliances they wish to purchase. Afterwards, the consultants would write down the customer’s details and key them into computers located in different areas of the building. This also presented considerations where privacy and accuracy were concerned.

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Our Aptitude

Why Miele chose to partner with Intygrate

Miele knew a successful digital transformation required a partner with the expertise to seamlessly integrate their existing systems (legacy systems) with the new solution. Intygrate's proven track record in data migration and legacy system integration ensured a smooth transition, minimising disruption and data loss.

Beyond technical expertise, Miele required a partner who understood the importance of brand identity. Our team of UI/UX designers crafted a user interface that perfectly complemented Miele's premium brand image while creating a seamless and intuitive experience for both in-store consultants and online customers.

Seamless Integration

We possess extensive experience in integrating complex legacy systems with modern solutions. This ensures a smooth transition for clients like Miele, minimising disruption and data loss.

Brand-Centric Design

Our UI/UX designers understand the importance of brand identity. We create user interfaces that seamlessly align with your brand's image, like Miele's premium aesthetics.

Data Migration Experts

Our team is skilled in securely migrating data from old systems into the new integrated platform. This expertise prevents potential data loss and ensures a seamless transfer of valuable information.

Customer-Focused Experience

Intygrate designs intuitive and user-friendly experiences for all users. This includes crafting solutions that empower both in-store consultants and online customers.

The MEC POS Solution

Transforming the Customer Journey

The Miele Experience Centre Point of Sale (MEC POS) Solution is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates online and in-store experiences for a smoother customer journey.

Online Self-Service Portal

Customers can now access a user-friendly online portal for self-service options, including:

  • Making part payments
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Booking service visits
  • Accessing self-help resources (FAQs, repair guides)

Tablet-Based POS System for Consultants

In-store consultants are equipped with tablets that provide them with:

  • Real-time access to product information, stock availability, and delivery dates
  • Ability to handle sales for the entire product range (including accessories and spare parts) on a single quote or order
  • QR code scanning functionality for adding products to the cart
  • Direct integration with payment terminals for seamless transactions

At a glance

Overall, the MEC POS Solution has proven to be a game-changer for Miele. It has streamlined the sales process, empowered staff, and ultimately led to a more satisfying and efficient customer experience.

The solution is now available at Miele’s Experience Centres, Partner Centres and Chartered Agents in Australia and New Zealand.

Online Services

Easily accessible via any browser, the online portal reduces waiting time as it is available instantly and provides real-time data.

Customers can now take control of the self-service experience, eliminating the need for a middleman, increasing accuracy and enabling Miele’s team to focus on higher-value activities. In addition, the webpage is used to provide other helpful information, such as self-repair guides and frequently asked questions.

With automation and integration, Miele ultimately reduced unit costs and was able to use its resources more effectively.

Point of Sale Solution

At the experience centres, Miele equipped its consultants with tablets, allowing them to better support customer queries and carry out transactions.

The freedom to move empowers the consultants to provide better service and reduces overall purchase friction. Integrated with Intygrate’s POS solution, they can now handle sales for the entire range of products, including accessories and spare parts, on the same quote or order. Their employees have all the information they need, such as stock, available delivery dates, in one place.

These tablets can also scan QR codes located on the product’s price tag, which will add it to the cart in the system. Directly linked to the payment terminals in-house, this allows for seamless transactions for their customers. Ultimately, the benefits proved to be significant.

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