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Supercharge your customer experience and security

The Checkality™ Suite provides you with protection against digital fraud and phishing, keeping you secured with your online processes.

Checkality Censor Simplified Card

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Winning the trust of your users is directly dependant on your ability to keep them safe; thereby having control over your online presence is crucial.

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Checkality Address seamlessly integrates with your existing forms to provide instant & reliable address auto-completion. Our solution utilises verified databases and advanced algorithms to ensure every address is real, accurate and formatted consistently. Additionally, Checkality Address helps prevent fraudulent activity by identifying suspicious addresses associated with known fraud patterns.

Verified Post Mailing Addresses

Our address autocomplete API only ever displays valid addresses from official Australia Post and PSMA databases. The addresses you collect will always be real and mistake-free.

Customise what address types to display

Include or exclude different address types, such as PO Boxes. Limit address lookup results to addresses you can send mail to and addresses in specific states.

Lightning-fast suggestions

Delivers real-time address suggestions within milliseconds as users begin typing, minimising wait time and frustration.

Effortless setup

Integrates quickly and easily with your existing platform or any form builder you use. We also provide flexible API access for developers and utilise industry-standard security protocols for safe data transfer and storage.

Fast, complete and accurate address auto-complete

Speed up your form fill times and collect only verified post addresses based on locale with our Checkality™ Address autocomplete

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Eliminate Errors & Frustration

Eliminate typos, incomplete entries, and abandoned forms. Our instant address validation against global databases ensures accuracy & reduces returns, letting your customers breeze through checkout, leading to increased conversions & happier interactions.

Protect Your Business From Fraudulent Activity

Don't let fake addresses put your revenue and reputation at risk. Our advanced fraud detection identifies suspicious patterns associated with known fraud attempts, shielding your business from financial losses and safeguarding sensitive information.

Streamline Operations & Boost Efficiency

Eliminate manual data entry and inconsistent formatting issues. Our seamless integration with your existing systems provides real-time address suggestions and consistent data formatting, saving you time and resources.

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