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More than a learning management system

"The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it."

Brian Tracy - Author

Deliver content efficiently

Create, upload and share your content with no hassle using our user friendly interface and workflow.

Boost engagement and interaction

Encourage greater engagement and interaction through our tools such as announcements, discussion boards and chat

Improve tracking and reporting

Manage users, progress and reports in one place so you can easily identify areas for improvement.

Customised for you

Need special integration or add-ons? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Learn anywhere

Manage courses and attend classes on the way to work or at your local coffee shop on any device with our web app.

intyversity learn anywhere

Discover value and make data-driven decisions

Observe trends and create custom reports with data relevant to your role that will allow you to gain valuable insights.

Avoid clutter and only view metrics important to you, based on your role

Gather important feedback on courses through our simple-to-use course review tool

cart alchemy mobile access anywhere
cart alchemy mobile access anywhere

Keep your users motivated

Achieve a high completion rate for courses and help your users maintain consistency in learning.

Award merits for the completion of tasks

Recommend courses based on the interests of your users

Stay focused

Deliver content such as lectures, videos and worksheets in different formats and have them accessible from a single pop-up window.

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intyversity learning application video
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